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          Let’s take a deep breath. We spend countless special moments inside our cars. Let’s preserve them. 
          Just a few minutes in an Authorised Abarth workshop, will reward you with thousands of hours of clean air. Thanks to our experts, you can count on a complete or specific sanitisation service of the cabin filter.

          Sanitising your Abarth is the new approach to your wellbeing

          Dirt and micro-organisms can accumulate inside your air-conditioning system, making the air you breathe unhealthy. Therefore, it’s essential to sanitise the entire air conditioning system and change the cabin filter at every service, every 15.000km, or at least once a year, especially if you’re in presence of children, elders or allergy sufferers. This treatment can be performed on every kind of vehicle and is recommended also for the transportation of pets.

          Included with the treatment


          Small scale allergens can escape from traditional cabin filters, entering the car and causing allergic reactions. Thanks to a special polyphenol biologic treatment, our range of Prime Cabin Filters can neutralise allergens, absorb harmful gases and particulate matter (PM 2.5) and reduce the growth of moulds and bacteria by more than 98%. This way, we can ensure a complete and effective protection to every passenger.

          *Premium pack only


          To ensure a complete and effective protection, Mopar® offers a specific cleaning treatment for the Air conditioning system in combination with cabin filter replacement. The treatment includes the Cabin Filter box cleaning and the use of an Evaporator for the cleaning of the Heating, Ventilation and Air Condition (HVAC).


          To prevent the spread of germs and bacteria, Mopar® offers specific products for the sanitisation of the surfaces that are more at risk, such as the seats, the steering wheel, the mats and the gear knob. You can also count on a complete sanitisation process of the cabin, which is available at our Authorised workshops and involves the use of safe, sanitizing and hypoallergenic sprays. Once the treatment is done, you will find your car completely sanitised free of bad odours, such as animal smells, cigarette smoke or smog.

          Find available packs below and book your service online now.

          Basic Pack
          Standard Pack
          Premium Pack
          7 Point Vehicle Health Check
          Air Con Cleanse
          Vehicle Sanitisation
          Brakes, Battery and Wiper check
          Pollen Filter Replacement ^
          PRIME Filter Replacement ^
          RRP Free
          RRP £89.00
          RRP £99.00

          Campaign Terms & Conditions - Mopar® UK have the right to withdraw the offer at any time. Available at participating authorised retailers and authorised workshops only. The offer includes genuine parts and labour and cannot be combined with any other offers.

          ^Only available for selected models. Please contact your local retailer for details.


          Book a complete sanitisation treatment for your safety and the one of your passengers.



          You can also find the right battery for your car on Mopar® E-Store



          The essential elements for your safety.


          There’s a right tyre for every season, which affects the grip, the stability and the braking space. Check with our Authorized network if your tyres comply with the current street regulations. You have time until the 15th June to change them. Book a tyre change with our experts now.


          The complex mechanism of the braking system is fundamental for your safety at the wheel.
          Its main components are the pads and the discs, which must be changed regularly, especially after a long stationary period. We strongly advise to check up their health status. Book now your service and get ready to restart in the way possible.


          To keep the stability of your car always at the highest levels, every single part of the suspension system must work harmoniously with the others. This system keeps in fact the tyres in constant contact with the road. If you’re planning to book a service for your tyres or anything else, take advantage of the situation and check your suspension system too and ensure an optimal grip and comfort at the wheel.
          We also want to reassure every Customer with a contractual warranty, a maintenance plan or an extended warranty plan set to expire during the lockdown. For these cases, the expiration of the coverage or the grace period for performing the maintenance will be extended by the FCA on a voluntary basis until the month following the end of the lockdown. The interventions already booked and not carried out during the lockdown will be replanned compatibly with the times dictated by the measures adopted by the authorities for the restoration of normal operations.

          Our Customer Services are available for any queries you may have. Click here for the telephone numbers. You can also get in touch via the “contact us” section of our Brand websites.

          In this section you can find some useful tips and easy tasks to take care of your car on your own.

          Of course, the ideal condition is to keep your car in a garage - if possible - to protect it against atmospheric agents

          Paint : Clean the body to remove, in particular, bird droppings and spots that are potentially corrosive for the paint, as they can damage the painted areas

          Headlamps, rear lamps, glass, plastic and rubber parts : The same recommendations for the painted parts apply

          Profiles and gaskets : Check the door and glass gaskets to make sure that there are no small rocks or other foreign bodies trapped in them, as these can damage and impair the seal of the rubber profiles.

          Wipers : Due to inactivity and sun exposure, the wiper rubber tends to stick to the windshield, which damages it and makes it less efficient. To avoid this, if the vehicle permits it, leave them in a raised position or place strips or cardboard between the rubber brush and the windshield.

          When the vehicle remains stationary for a long period of time, the phenomenon called ‘FLAT SPOTTING’ could occur, which means the gradual flattening of the tyres due to the weight of the vehicle in the point in which the tread touches the ground. When restarting the vehicle, this can cause a slight vibration when driving that, usually, disappears after driving a few miles.

          Pressure: Keep the tire pressure at the correct value, referring to the requirements in the Owner's Handbook in the vehicle or by directly consulting the web platform https://aftersales.fiat.com/elum

          Vehicle movement : Occasionally move the vehicle from the point where it is parked, even just a little bit forward or backward, to change the point of contact between the tyres and the ground

          This is the components that permits the starter to start by means of a discharge of energy and that keeps the vehicle's electrical system active even when it is not being used

          Accessories and devices: Disconnect any USB pen drives or other devices from the USB ports and cigar lighters

          Anti-theft : If possible (vehicle guarded or garaged), close the vehicle manually using the key and not the remote control. This avoids the activation of the anti-theft device and the relative use of energy

          Disconnection : If possible for your vehicle (refer to the instructions in the Owner's Handbook), this is a simple operation that anyone can perform.

          "Disconnect” the battery by disconnecting the quick connector of only the negative pole.

          Charge maintainer : Alternatively, it if is possible (garage/parking space with an electrical socket) you can connect the battery with the battery charger from the MOPAR accessory line (https://b2b.moparstore.co.uk/) that, in addition to measuring the battery charge, periodically performs brief recharging phases to keep it always efficient.

          Use : Start and run the vehicle without moving it at least once a week for 15-20 minutes, keeping the engine RPM between 1200 and 2000. Make sure that the lamps and all the accessories are off during this period.
          Do not start the engine occasionally for a brief period of time letting it idle.

          Comprised of the fuel filler, tank, pipes, fuel pump, injectors... it is the vehicle system that guarantees the flow of fuel from the tank to the engine cylinders

          Refueling : If possible, do not leave the vehicle with a low fuel level (reserve) to prevent the circulation of any debris that may be in the tank
          It is not necessary however to fill up the tank completely

          They do not need to be topped up or changed (refer to the Owner's Handbook)
          When using the vehicle again, it is recommended to check around and below the vehicle to see if there are any traces of leaks.

          No maintenance or specific measure is required.

          Visual inspection : If you see oxidation of the friction surfaces of the discs, this is to be considered normal
          At restart, drive carefully the first few feet in order to eliminate any oxidation created on the contact surfaces

          It is remotely possible that there will be a slight noise coming from the rear part of the vehicle when releasing the parking brake.
          This is due to the brake pad moving away from the disc surface (normal operation), whose surface may be dirty or oxidized. This will disappear immediately after the vehicle has started.